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A collaboration of talents


Fernando Resende worked for several years as an art director for Toronto’s top fashion, lifestyle and interior design magazines. He has been a graphic designer and an avid photographer since studying fine art at the University of Toronto and Design at Sheridan College/Dawson College in Montreal. He likes to show us that everyday objects can be art.

An ever changing collection of photographs/art pieces that are generally a little more involved are found in the Print Shop pages. Some are clearly photo retouched with some quality time spent in post production. While others are shown in a diptych or similar format. Printed on different materials such as paper, canvas, plywood and metal, they all share in having a deeper meaning and generally tell a story.

Michele Perkovich has been a designer of costumes and sets for theatre, television and film. She studied fine art at the University of Toronto and attended the National Theatre School in Montreal. She often spends time working on feel-good projects that involve her sewing and design skills.

This collaboration of talents led to the creation of these funky, fresh and urban art pieces for your couch. When the pair found out about a new hi-end digital printing process that could put Fernando’s art photos on fabric, they decided that pillow art was their next project, creating a hip and very unique product. They loved the prototype pillows so much that they created 4 different collections to share. All available on the Pillow Shop page.

Check back frequently as these pages will be updated with new material.


Pillow Details

These are limited edition art and photographic pillows.

All pillows are $90 CDN plus shipping and handling.

They are sewn to upmost quality and feature a folding flap on the back cover allowing the pillow insert to be removed so that the fabric cover can be machine washed.

They’re printed with eco-inks on polyester satin/matte using the latest technology for printing on fabric. Then the fabric is treated to be machine washable.

There are 2 fabric types to choose from, shiny with shiny back OR matte with an ultrasuede back. The backs vary in colour complimenting the image. The FM ribbon tag(either orange or black) authenticates it and contains washing instructions. Finally, a silver/natural paper tag identifies the name and series of each pillow.

For Canada:

Shipping and handling is $25 CDN per pillow (via Canada Post XpressPost).

Save on multiple orders:

If you buy 2 or more pillows we’ll combine shipping for a discounted rate. For larger orders
(6 or greater) Please email us first with your quantity, pillow selections and shipping address.

For USA:

Please email us first before buying. Include your choices, quantity and address for a Shipping and handling quote. We are not responsible for any duties or taxes with regards to border crossings.

Contact Us

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns regarding our photographic prints, pieces, canvas or pillows. We also welcome any comments or feedback.

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Print Shop

Since this represents a special collection where the images are not on pillows but instead printed on paper, stretched canvas, plywood and different metals please email us for sizes, prices, shipping and any other questions you may have. We’d be happy to discuss in depth any particular piece.