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An image mix that has been built up over the last few years. Photos were taken of personal objects, while spending time at home and at special places, when traveling abroad. We’re always interested in seeing how reality looks in print. When we saw how the printed image looked on fabric
we were thrilled!

All these photographs
went through a thorough editing process so in the end they would work as squares and suit the pillow medium. Each series is a collection of limited edition art pillows.

It started off as Series 01 and has now been expanded to Series 04
and is ever changing
and evolving

The end result being a wide variety of colour, sepia, black and white
and duotones...Enjoy!

Feel free to Email us at info@fmprints.com
fernando@fmprints.com michele@fmprints.com
with any questions you might have.

Stayed tuned ...We’re editing, updating the
site and sewing. More
to come soon!

All pillows are $90 CDN plus shipping & handling

For multiple orders(2 or more) save on shipping.

Own a shop? Inquire about consignment..


A variety of images to suit everyone’s decor

Four interesting Series to pick from, depending on what you prefer and ever evolving